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A registered trademark helps you establish ownership over your brand and safeguard it from any unauthorised use by third parties. Specialised and qualified attorneys can be quite helpful in carrying out in-depth searches and ensuring accurate application filings. This can make the trademark registration process error-free and seamless. An efficient management company, such as MantaRay Management, can provide top-notch trademark registration services to successfully safeguard your brand, business, entity, etc.

MantaRay – Simplifying the
Trademark Registration Process

At MantaRay, our team of experts review your information to identify and implement an effective strategy for your trademark registration and brand protection objectives. We also help you throughout the application filing process and provide trademark maintenance for 10 years. With MantaRay, managing your Intellectual Property assets becomes a lot easier as we offer you a secure web-based client area.

Remarkable Advantages of Trademark Registration

Better tax incentives and political stability has been attracting many global organisations and businesses to set up their entities in Mauritius. However, this rise in commercial opportunities is also enabling counterfeiters to take advantage of this situation. Registering a trademark to protect a company’s valuable assets as well as reputation has thus become indispensable. Following are the major reasons why you should register a trademark for your business or entity in Mauritius:

Reduced Infringement Incidents

Brand Uniqueness

Exclusive Rights


Protection of Business Ideas


MantaRay has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can streamline entity formation and administration functions effectively. Right from trademark registration and legal assistance to outsourced accounting and administration, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. MantaRay’s expertise can also be quite beneficial in order to optimise family wealth planning and payroll management in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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