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Mauritius is one of the most amazing countries in the world to live in. A secure living environment and tax benefits are prominent reasons why entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals from different parts of the world are relocating to Mauritius. However, in order to relocate to Mauritius, you need to apply for and obtain an occupation and residence permit. MantaRay Management can provide you with a complete set of permit acquisition services and help you shift to Mauritius without any trouble.

Accelerate Acquisition of Occupation and Residence Permits With MantaRay

Do you wish to invest, work, live and retire in Mauritius? MantaRay Management can help you obtain an occupation permit as well as a residence permit without any hassles. Our team of experts possess in-depth knowledge of the occupation and residence permit acquisition process in Mauritius. These skilled professionals can guide and assist you through every stage of this process and make permit acquisition a lot easier for you.

Mauritius: Ideal Relocation Destination to Work and Live

The excellent leisure facilities and magnificent real estate properties have been a major reason behind many families and retired non-citizens choosing to relocate to Mauritius. With its diversified economy, Mauritius has earned the reputation of a premier international financial centre. Consequently, it has become a favourable relocation destination of foreign companies. Here are the most promising benefits of obtaining the occupation and residence permit and moving to Mauritius:

Safe and Stress-free Lifestyle

Investment-friendly Regulations

Tax Benefits

Political Stability


Affordable Cost of Living


MantaRay has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can streamline entity formation and administration functions effectively. Right from trademark registration and legal assistance to outsourced accounting and administration, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. MantaRay’s expertise can also be quite beneficial in order to optimise family wealth planning and payroll management in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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