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Compliance and legal sector were long considered a cost centre. However, the significance of these services has grown significantly and has transformed them into a revenue protection department. Sound compliance and legal assistance practices are essential in order to avoid legal or regulatory violations. MantaRay helps in establishing strong controls and systems to ensure that your entities in Mauritius are always compliant with local and international regulations.

Meeting Legal Requirements and
Mitigating Risks is Now Easy

At MantaRay, we deliver peace of mind to all our clients by ensuring their compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. The compliance capabilities of MantaRay includes due diligence, risk profiling, data protection, KYC assessment, transaction monitoring, and many more services. Our legal team comprises knowledgeable and high calibre professionals that help you overcome market changes and uncertainties quite effectively.

Satisfy Compliance Obligations in Mauritius With Specialists

The demanding regulatory environment in Mauritius makes it imperative for organisations to outsource their legal and regulatory activities to compliance specialists. This can help you to optimise the day-to-day compliance processes while also carrying out periodic reviews to ensure profiles are up to date. By offering bespoke solutions, these compliance specialists can meet all your regulatory needs accurately. MantaRay serves a variety of clients across the financial services realm. These clients include:

Global Business Companies

Collective Investment Schemes(Funds)

Funds Managers


Investment Dealers

Payment Service Providers

Investment Advisors

Corporate Service Providers


MantaRay has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can streamline entity formation and administration functions effectively. Right from trademark registration and legal assistance to outsourced accounting and administration, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. MantaRay’s expertise can also be quite beneficial in order to optimise family wealth planning and payroll management in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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