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A Global Business Company (GBC) is a tax-resident company in Mauritius that engages in qualified global business operations. Although these operations are being carried on from Mauritius, a GBC involves people that are resident outside Mauritius. Owing to the ease of setup and business benefits, GBC in Mauritius is a popular choice among foreign investors. A GBC also benefits from the network of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), making it a cost-effective corporate medium for international tax planning.

Seamless Set Up and Management of a Mauritius GBC

MantaRay Management possesses a team of talented specialists that can play a crucial role in helping you achieve your desired structuring objectives. We help you to open and at all times, maintain a bank account for your GBC in Mauritius. MantaRay also provides resident directorship to help you align the interests of the management, shareholders, and other stakeholders by contributing to board meetings.

Reasons to Choose the Global Business Company

GBC in Mauritius is considered to be a resident entity that is liable to pay tax in Mauritius over its international earnings. But it can benefit from a host of advantages that can help GBC’s in meeting essential substance requirements. Here are the major reasons to incorporate a GBC in Mauritius:

Prevention of Double Tax Payment

Directorship Assistance

Operations in Numerous Business Areas

Hassle-free Incorporation and Licensing

Ideal for Banking and Insurance Companies

Reduced Withholding Taxes on Dividends


MantaRay has a diversified team of professionals that are committed to delivering value-driven corporate management solutions at all times. Our tailored structuring solutions help you meet your business objectives within specified timelines. That’s not all, our corporate management proficiency can also assist in organising your entities in Mauritius more efficiently.

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