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A company conducting and managing its business activities outside Mauritius is known as an Authorised Company. Barring banking, financial, nominee, directorship, trusteeship, and a few other services, Authorised Companies can carry out numerous business activities in Mauritius. However, they are required to have a registered agent in Mauritius at all times, which is a management company. This management company is responsible for the incorporation as well as administration of an Authorised Company in Mauritius.

How MantaRay Simplifies Company Formation and Administration?

MantaRay with its diversified professionals can provide you with vital pre-incorporation advisory services to optimise your structuring efforts. We look after all your licensing processes by handling your applications and liaising with relevant authorities until the obtention thereof. Post the Authorised Company formation, we also handle the tax return filings and offer secretarial services to ensure hassle-free administration.

Advantages of an Authorised Company in Mauritius

An Authorised Company is a non-resident, tax-exempt company that can conduct investment holding, property holding, international trade, as well as management and consultancy, and many more activities. Following are the top benefits of having an Authorised Company in Mauritius:

Trust and Confidentiality

Zero Tax in Mauritius

No Need to Audit Financials


Flexible and Robust Legislation

No Foreign Exchange Controls


MantaRay has a diversified team of professionals that are committed to delivering value-driven corporate management solutions at all times. Our tailored structuring solutions help you meet your business objectives within specified timelines. That’s not all, our corporate management proficiency can also assist in organising your entities in Mauritius more efficiently.

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